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First rig. Whatcha think ?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Rakie, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Rakie

    Rakie Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

    Ashdown Mag300 head
    Ampeg SVT-410HE

    Total price paid: $475 (The Ashdown was New, the Ampeg came used form a friend)

    My buddy cut me a good deal because im a bit of a gear nut, and I pointed him in the direction of a Schroeder 21012R that was only $350... Id have bought it, but I had no money at the time, so he sold me this cab for $125, he has another 410 he'll be getting rid of.
  2. Lesfunk

    Lesfunk Supporting Member

    nice how do you like it?
  3. Rakie

    Rakie Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

    So far its pretty nice. I love the Ashdown, but im not the biggest Ampeg guy. Although it seems to work, im playing a new Fender Jazz 24, the active bass with basslines in it. I got that for a great price as well, first working bass i've had in a long time.
  4. MarkMyWordsXx


    May 17, 2006
    i think you could have done better then the ashdown, but all and all a pretty solid rig to start out
  5. Rakie

    Rakie Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

    Well, i don't really need more then 300 watts and I really like the Ashdown sound. I've been playing awhile, just never invested in anything other then basses. I pretty much just play for me, and my instructors at my school want to use me for a few sessions, so I figured it's time to ahve some equipment again.

    Haven't had a bass or amp for a little over a year now.
  6. I think you got a great deal. If it works for you, awesome!
  7. Rob Mancini

    Rob Mancini Guest

    Feb 26, 2008
    I just used a rented 410HE on my gig last night. Loved it! If he sells the other 4x10 at that price, jump on it!
  8. Rakie

    Rakie Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

    haha, that was a price just for me. SVT-410HE have sold on Talkbass for $350'ish each.
  9. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    Decent rig. The best part of it is the price. Whenever you are ready to upgrade you can pretty much sell that gear and get 100% (if not more) of your money back.
  10. Rakie

    Rakie Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

    Yea, im glad for that. Although my upgrade would probably just be a better Ashdown as far as heads. Schroeder for cabs probably.

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