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  1. Is fitting a new bridge difficult? I have Bob Gollihur's instructions and it doesn't seem to be a very hard task. I have 30 years+ experience doing all kinds of work on my EBG's so I know what I'm doing, generally speaking, but this is a new cahllenge.
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    Mar 4, 2004
    I didn't have too much trouble re-fitting the bridge on my bass, the feet were the most challenging. I'd say woodworking experience is very useful, EBG's setup experience will help, I have that as well as some experience with violin & 'cello setup, so I was a bit better off.

    I would also do a search in this section for bridge fitting, I found a few topics myself when I was wondering about it. I especially liked a 'carbon paper' method I read about on here.

    I used this diagram to get the correct thicknesses, BTW.

    EDIT: I also found THIS website very helpful, it's where I actually found the diagram. It also talks about 'spreading' the feet of the bridge, which is something you should probably be aware of - wasn't too difficult to do, BTW.

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    You have to choose a bridge blank that fits your bass as well. The spread of the feet has a relationship to the bass bar. Too wide or narrow a blank and you're going to have trouble getting the bass to sound and respond properly. Also, a luthier will have several grades of blanks and, if he knows your bass and taste, can cherry-pick a blank that will further make you happy.
  4. I think I'll give it a try and, if I notice that I'm in over my head, I'll have Quinn's take a look at it. As always, thanks for your help and advice. I think Talkbass is a fabulous site, I post more often on the EBG area (where I can give advice rather than ask for it) but you guys have been a valuable resource to this poor, clueless old fart.