Flatwounds Most Like Hi-Beams?

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  1. I've been playing DR Hi-Beams for well over a decade now and every time I try something else out I'm just disappointed and end up switching back, with the notable exception of using Sunbeams on my fretless last year. I've been thinking about using flatwounds on a project I'm taking part in for the next few months, and I was wondering if there were flats that felt like Hi-Beams, at least as far as tension goes?

    EDIT: Sorry for the previous confusion, I was typing really late after work and didn't proofread.
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    DR Legends aka Hi-Beam Flats?
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    This is a joke, right?
  4. Are you actually talking about flats that feel and sound like the Hi-Beams (as in rounds)? I don't think there is such a thing.
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    in terms of *sound*, i don't think the flatwound exists that will get you a similar tone :D

    in terms of feel, you might try searching for low-tension flats.
  6. labella low tension flats - low tension and mid scooped
    d'addario chromes - get a thinner set like .40-100 and it's got the mid scoop with some high end.

    the DR legends are more like lo-rider flats. super mid heavy. so i wouldn't recommend them if you want that super scooped hi beam sound.
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    Ernie Ball Slinky Flats? I've never tried them, but they are advertised as being flexible and bright
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    The sound of Rotosound 77's flatwounds are the gateway drug for any roundwound types who want to dip their toe in the flatwound water. They are exceptionally bright when you first put them on. I would also recommend the 40-60-80-100 set first because the 45-65-85-105 set apparently has some extra tension.

    I do, however, have to agree with many on this site that TI flatwounds are the best bang for the buck - put 'em on once and leave ' em on forever. They aren't for everybody, but on some basses they sound really great.
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    dunlop flats are pretty bright until they settle down, but even then they're still way brighter than la bellas
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    Right, the Cobalt Flats in the lightest gauge are as close as you'll get...which isn't very close at all.
  11. Sorry for the late response y'all, work got a bit hectic this week.

    Yes, I meant "feel" as in tension and playability, I know the tone won't be anywhere near the same. Every flat wound I've played has just been too tense for me so I'm wondering if anything has a bit less tension.