Frankenstein’s Bass

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  1. Nameless, brandless, feckless, built in my garage... I’m just gonna seal it over top of the scuffs, pencil parks, and splattered shielding paint. Body and neck were cheap, volume pots are no-load, no tone control, neck pocket doesn’t quite fit, pick guard snapped while cutting the hole for the neck pickup... this thing is hacked together, but it sounds freaking phenomenal. The only good-quality components of this bass are the DiMarzio Model One/P/J pickups.

    I am planning on uploading sound demos, because for the life of me I can’t find good quality demos for these pickups.

    A59542DC-4D46-4C68-9BD9-4735E2F6EF32.jpeg E9626E77-7173-4135-B08F-45A1B7BDC0EB.jpeg 37CAA34E-7031-4E36-B13F-4B2D2E3860AD.jpeg E68B03E1-DA26-46BF-BC92-7B87BD7B658F.jpeg
  2. 2saddleslab

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    May 30, 2003
    My Frankenstein says hi.
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    Dec 27, 2013
    East Central Alabama
    Frankly speaking, it ain't bad. But was it *built* in your garage or *assembled* in your garage?
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  4. cataract

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    Feb 14, 2007
    Columbia SC
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  5. JRA

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    it reminds me of my own frankenstein. i consider mine truly ugly. and like yours: it's unfinished with dirt and gouges and yada. but it plays so well! i love it --- i sometimes use it for gigging.

    you know you've done a nice job when it plays for you! even when it's a 'monster'! ;)
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  6. It was “built” in my garage the same way Frankenstein “built” his monster in his lab
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  7. JRA

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    FWIW: i took mine to a gig and sweat all over it --- raw, sanded body wood! so i decided i'd better put some kind of finish on it (although i considered sweat marks as "a thing"). i used a couple of coats of tung oil and thought i might apply more when i change the strings next time. i applied the tung oil over the scratches/scuffs/pencil has certain look!

    my problem is this: i keep upgrading parts on it and it now sports some better stuff than a couple of my main players. so, what started as a platform for 'experimentation' has become a very playable choice. can't decide whether i'm lucky or stupid...or both! :laugh:
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