Free beginner bass lessons for guitar pro.

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  1. AdamRoberts


    Dec 1, 2014
    In my teaching studio, I use two main tools. I use the full version of Guitar Pro to author my own lessons and my students use the app version to view the lessons on a mobile device. I know that tech turns off a certain percentage of the population but I really haven't had a student start lessons with me in a number of years that didn't have access to an iPod, smartphone, or tablet.

    I created some beginning music lessons for my son (who is 9 years old) and made them for piano since that is the instrument he is starting on. Since then I have re-wrote the same lessons for guitar, ukulele, and bass.

    I offer them free to download off my website and I don't use copyright so feel free to modify, distribute, and do whatever with them.

    Tell me what you like or don't like about them. Feedback is appreciated, constructive more so but, if I wasn't looking to get some negative feedback, I wouldn't be posting on an internet forum...

    The link to the lessons:

    If you don't have Guitar Pro, thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday.