Fretless and Clip On Tuner

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  1. Hi! Saw this picture of Esperanza Spalding playing a fretless with a clip on tuner and I was wondering if anyone else use one to verify intonation? I do when practicing with the double bass

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  2. arbiterusa


    Sep 24, 2015
    I use a clip on tuner on my fretlesses but not for that. I use my ears to figure out if I'm tune, and my muscle memory to make sure I stay that way.
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    While playing?
    Only if you dwell on a note long enough to look at it.While playing a slow tune.
    Not a fast one.
    They don't read the pitch fast enough.

    Even if they could,why would you?
    You wouldn't stare for long periods at your car's speedometer while you drive on the highway,would you?

    I use mine to tune it.
    Not to check intonation while playing.
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    I love her. What was the topic?

    Oh yeah..

    Is it just me, or does it appear the tuner display is facing away from her, and is not turned on? I think we'd need to see video footage. Also, her right eye looks to be looking at her hand, and her left eye towards the headstock... ;)

    Yes, I use my Snark for an occasional reference point. I don't assume the Snark is right, but sometimes you need a second opinion. Also, the way I was trained, enharmonic notes are not necessarily the same pitch. Depends on what's going on in the music, but generally sharp notes are a bit higher than flat notes in scalewise motion. Has anyone heard of that? Like if you are playing an A major scale, that G# may want to be a bit extra-sharp. Kind of like cheese.
  5. MD


    Nov 7, 2000
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    I don't use one. Playing live, I would think it's only good for a quick, open string check.
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