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Fretless Stingray neck?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by play paintball, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. I really want to play a fretless, and have decided that it might be a good idea to just buy a fretless neck for my MM Stingray instead of getting something like a MIM Fretless Jazz.

    I have searched the internet and ebay for a place to buy a fretless Stingray neck with fretlines, and haven't been able to find any.

    Does anyone know a place that sells fretless Stingray necks with fretlines?

    *on a side note, would anyone recommend just buying a SX fretless jazz?
  2. YES! I don't know where you could buy a fretless neck for your stingray unless you traded with someone who was looking to go fretted. Even if you did find a neck for your bass, it would most likely cost you $300-$400 once you factor in tuners and nut (and setup if you need it). For $300-$400 you could buy a seperate bass and you wouldn't have to swap necks. It's probably best to leave your instrument alone.

    As far as SX goes, I have a SX Jazz bass and I love it! I would not hesitate to buy one over almost any MIM jazz I've ever played. They are very solid instruments, and you will have some money to upgrade if you want to. I thought I would mod mine a lot but it doesn't need it! Soudns great and I gig it often with great results.
  3. By the way, Rondomusic.net has a limited selection of fretless basses right now. They have a 4-string P-bass, 5-string Jazz, and 4-string Jazz QM. The thing about the QM Jazz is that the top is a photo and not actual Maple. It looks ok in pictures, but photo tops look kinda cheesy in real life. Just a heads up. Also, the gold hardware will corrode. As far as the 5 string goes, I play the same model, only 4-string and fretted, but I play tuned CGDA while standard 5 tuning is BEADG. String tension on the low B should not be an issue, especially when compared with Fender instruments.
  4. Ely


    Jun 8, 2001
    Huntsville, AL

    Graphite is your only option for replacement MM necks, unless you get one from the manufacturer. Either way, it will cost about the same.

    By the way, Discgraham, what gauges do you use for CGDA? I've been interested in that tuning for years, but haven't tried it yet.
  5. You have a PM.
  6. brianh


    Aug 19, 2005
    Endorsing: Epifani Amplification
    I have a nice fretless musicman sterling with piezo pickup i would consider selling.....email me if interested.

  7. Bassosaurus


    Aug 27, 2005
    For the cost of replacing the neck, I'd consider saving a little more and just buying another bass. If you really like the MM, it may take a while to come by one used.

    I had a 5-string sting ray fretless I loved. The sound of that pup w/ fretless is not one you hear a lot, but it is not for everyone - certainly a more aggressive "dirtier' sound.

    otherwise, the low end Fender jazz basses are in the $400 range - that'd get you in the ball game, then you coulld always upgrade the electronics later.