FS: 1996 Warwick Corvette ProLine 4-String

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  1. DeanT

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    I have for sale a well-used (some would say severely beat up) German-made 1996 Warwick Corvette ProLine four-string bass.

    I'm asking $350 shipped in the U.S. due to its needing a lot of TLC. I guess you could call this a project bass.

    This Warwick features passive MEC Jazz-style pickups, a lightweight Maple body, a three-piece Wenge Neck and Wenge fretboard. You have to see the grain in this neck to believe it. It's amazing.

    While this Warwick Corvette bass works perfectly electronically, it has seen a lot of use and has some issues.

    First up there are pick scratches in the body under the strings. They are not very deep and I think add character to the bass. You can see them in the photos. This does not affect the operation of the bass, it's strictly cosmetic.

    Also, there is wear on the frets and some of the frets in the upper register seem to be coming loose. Also, the fretboard in the upper register is a bit brittle and seems to be flaking just a bit. The fretboard may need to be reconditioned and a fretjob is definitely in order. The fretboard is not unplayable by any means, but it may need repair at some point.

    As if that weren't enough, the Warwick strap lock on the bottom of the bass is stuck. It will not come out. I tried everything short of drilling it out but it won't budge. You can still put a strap on and take it off the bass, but the bottom strap lock is inoperable. The one on the upper bout works fine. It goes in and out very smoothly. The lower strap lock is permanently stuck on. But at least you know it won't fall out while you're playing.

    If you play sitting down a lot this is not an issue at all. If you play using a strap, it'll just act as a normal (but very large) strap button, not a strap lock. I contacted Warwick about the problem but they're suggestions (using WD-40 or Silicon Spray) didn't work. I didn't want to force it and ruin the body, so I left it alone.

    These are the problems that I am aware of. I played it at jam sessions for a few months with no problems.

    There are some other scratches here and there and a few minor dings in the body, but nothing that affect the bass's playability. Because of the oil finish on this bass and the softness of the Maple, the body scratches easily. But the oil finish also hides the scratches well.

    This Warwick Corvette ProLine bass features 24 frets, an adjustable brass Just-A-Nut I nut (which I think works better than the newer plastic ones), chrome Warwick hardware, 34" scale and passive electronics, which feature Volume, Blend and Tone controls. The bass weighs about 8 pounds.

    I replaced the original bridge and tailpiece (which were rusting) with a new Warwick bridge and tailpiece. They are the exact same ones that were originally on the bass, only new.

    This bass sounds amazing. And it plays really smooth. I wouldn't use it as my main bass for gigging but as a backup or “woodshedding” bass it will work fine.

    Check out the photos and PM with any questions.

    Again, I'm asking $350 shipped in the U.S.





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    Free bump for the cheapness.
  3. a nice price, even if it does need a little tlc

    free bump for you!
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    Pics of the fretboard and loose frets may be helpful since that seems to be the main issue.
  5. DeanT

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    I'll post photos when I get the bass back. I actually sold it on eBay (after posting the same description as above) and the buyer complained that everything I described as wrong with the bass was actually wrong with the bass! So he asked for a refund. Rather than argue and fight with PayPal, I had him return it. It should be here tomorrow. I'll post new photos when it shows up.
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    Hah - nice that I'll have a second go at this, as I was ready to do the BIN on eBay before the other buyer. I'll wait to see the other pics you post, though, as the info about the fretboard and loose frets seems above and beyond the original description.

    Sucks about the original buyer, though. Who eats that shipping?

    What year did they switch to the thinner necks?
  7. DeanT

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    The bass is going to need a fretjob at the very least. That's why I'm pricing it so cheap. Warwick charges $425 to do it, but I bet it can be done cheaper somewhere else.

    As for shipping, since I'm a glutton for punishment I offered to refund the shipping as well.

    The bass should be back by Monday. I'll shoot as detailed photos as possible and post them for you guys then.