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SOLD FS/FT Boulder Creek 5 String Fretless ABG w/extras

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by The Bartender, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Another Price Drop... Let's lower it to $550 shipped with hardshell case and with the Acousticore Strings (and the brass strings).

    This bass is a Like new Boulder Creek EBR3-N5F Acoustic/Electric 5-String Fretless (with lines) Bass with
    Boulder Creek A8295 Deluxe Acoustic Bass Case.
    Strung with Thomastik AB345 Acousticore Phosphor Bronze wound nylon strings (I will also include the original unused D'addario brass strings it came with)

    The bass sells for $699 or more with no case and with brass strings
    The case sells for $129
    The upgraded acousticore Strings sell for $105

    Trades I am interested in (I can trade a little cash one way or the other)
    Zeta Crossover
    NXT Electric Upright
    BSX Allegro
    maybe some other type of EUB
    Carvin AC5 (fretted or fretless)
    Carvin AC4 (fretted or Fretless)
    Maybe a Godin A4 or A5

    I am not interested in another jumbo body acoustic or any kind of regular electric bass

    The bass is in like new condition. I have owned it for 6 months. Other than playing it at home It has been played at practice with my church band a few times and used to perform live at the church a few times. I also had it in the studio for a little demo reel work.

    No scratches, marks, issues buckle rash etc... it looks, feels and smells brand new.
    The case has a few scuffs and white streaks... minor cosmetic wear. The strings have a little use (several light practices and several light live performances of one or two songs each time).

    I am selling because it's not comfortable enough for me to play while standing up for a long time. I have recently found out this is a common problem with most jumbo body acoustic basses. they are so deep to emit sound that your arm has to reach over the body to play it. I have talked to many TB members and this is generally true with Guild, Martin, Breedlove etc... It also has some typical acoustic guitar neck dive as well but it's so light that's not a big deal.

    Sound wise the bass is everything I was looking for. You can hear yourself unplugged which was important to me for songwriting and playing around my house with sleeping kids. It sounds very good unplugged and is known to be one of the loudest ABG's unplugged (with the brass strings on it) up there with the Tacoma Thunderchief basses. The Acousticore strings are quieter unplugged but make such a great sound plugged in.
    FYI... No you cannot get enough volume to play unplugged with acoustic guitars at full strum volume but with the brass strings you could jam with some guys playing at a "front porch" level of volume. This bass is one of the loudest unplugged ABD's on the market. You can get enough volume to learn songs and play along with songs from a radio, mp3 etc... and hear yourself because of the upward facing soundhole.

    Plugged in this baby is a powerhouse capable of a huge variety of sounds with no feedback problems. I can make it sound warm and woody with some upright bass type character yet also get a great new age kind of sound and a nice Jazz sound. Very flexible.

    The craftsmanship is stellar. The finish is a satin that is so smooth and the neck is so comfortable. Inside the bass you can see great attention to detail even in the hidden corners. Very well made basses.

    Other features...
    Built in tuner (works great)
    XLR jack and 1/4" jack
    34" scale
    Fretless fingerboard is lined ( a great first fretless to learn on)
    Top is Cedar, sides and back are Mahogany
    9 volt battery easy to replace.

    This is a link to the fretted version... this guy (Wladek Foltynski) plays a nice solo...

    This is a foreign language review of the fretless version but for sound demo purposes he plays it both plugged in and unplugged.
  2. Bump
  3. may also be interested in a Zeta crossover or some other type of EUB.
  4. Price drop bump.
  5. Discount for local orlando pickup
  6. Bumpin this sweet acoustic bass
  7. ferrum


    Jan 16, 2012
    Funny, I've always wanted a Boulder Creek, but by the time it's become available, I'm not really needing an acoustic. Great bass, though.
  8. Thanks... Hard to find a local dealer and try these out. I think most people have to take the leap of faith and buy on-line without playing one first.

    The good news is they look, sound and feel better than you can imagine until you experience one in person.
  9. travep


    Apr 16, 2010
    Austin, TX
    it it had frets, i'd bite. i also like this one...
  10. This was my first fretless and one of the big selling points for me was the lined fretless neck.

    I'm not a great player but learning fretless was so easy with the lined neck. Although after a week I was just using the markers on the side of the neck and I don't need to see the lines anymore.
  11. ferrum


    Jan 16, 2012
    I had trouble finding one locally for sure. I eventually found a Boulder Creek dealer, but they only had one or two guitars (no basses at all), one of which was bright pink (body and headstock). It sounded amazing, though.

    I've never heard one in person; don't tempt my GAS. :D :help:
  12. I found the EUB I want to buy and a great
    TB member is holding it for me for a little bit.

    New low price of 650 shipped with case and huge string upgrade. Send some offers
  13. I had a Guild B50 for years. Loved it. I sold it a few years ago because I had totally switched over to upright. I recently had a gig that sort of called for an acoustic bass guitar and I ended up getting a Boulder Creek off Craigslist. It blows the coveted and much more costly B50 completely away. I am very, very delighted with the instrument. Folks looking for an ABG should check these out.
  14. Very cool of you to chime in Boombloom... Thanks!

    I think someone will be very happy with this bass.
  15. Saturday morning bump...
    Make an offer... I found the EUB I want but I gotta move this bass out first!
  16. Drink that Sunday morning coffee and then make an offer on this bass
  17. $600 shipped with brass strings on her and $650 with the acousticore (and brass strings) for a like new bass with a very nice case.
  18. This bass looks good, sounds good, plays good and it's almost like new!

    A great first fretless bass too!
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