Furman power conditioner - can't complain about the service!!!

Discussion in 'Accessories [BG]' started by Thaibassman, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Hi all
    Just wondering if any others here have experienced the after-sales service provided by Furman?

    Furman Power Conditioners - can't complain about the service....... because there is none!

    I bought my Furman PL-8 CE some 3 years ago for light home studio use and for the past 18 months it had gone from a 10-30 sec delay to start up (click, then lights on/power up) to a yet to be understood formulae of random operation not that dissimilar to successfully picking lottery numbers ....well to now.... NEVER!
    I emailed Furman last month and was appropriately filed as being #CASE1498647 (and then again last week) seeking advice and their local authorised repair shop.
    No response!

    In hindsight, what a trap I have committed myself into buying expensive, imported Furman gear, adapting all my power leads to Schuko specifications to find myself stuck with a conditioner that has been "dodgy" for nearly 2 years and has now rendered my rig totally inoperable for over a month.

    Am I wrong in my assumption that Furman customer support, aftersales service and product really sucks??
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