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Future Sonics Atrio - New Custom "Softerwear" Sleeve...

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by borton6544, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Anyone using the Atrios also using the new "Softerwear" custom sleeves that can now replace the universal earbuds on M5's? For anyone using the softerwear sleeves, can you comment on the fit and seal you're getting with them? Worth doing the softerwear sleeve upgrade? I just can't get a good fit with the universal buds, though I love the sound quality.

    Also, for anyone with cord-over-the-ear-and-behind customs vs. the Atrios, did you find that the cord-over-the-ears-and-behind customs made all that much of a difference in terms of comfort/fit?

    I'm a big fan of how the Atrios sound, but don't like the fit in my ears or the fact that the cords don't go behind my ears and stay there... so I'm considering selling my Atrios and going up to the 1964 Ears. (Actually, I have two pairs of Atrios: my other set is brand new - never used - and is currently for sale in Accessories Classifieds, if anyone is interested. PM me if you are interested.)