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  1. Hey I wanted to see if anyone could help me. I've had to replace string left right and center over the last few months. The g keeps snapping after it's been on maybe a month or so.

    It's always when I bend the string. Not even a drastic bend. Just a normal bend. I don't know if it's to do with the gauge or what. But the last 2 times it broke. I was using D'addario custom light gauge nickel wound. (The g would be a 40). It could be as simple as the g being too light. But I never use to snap string on this bass and it seems to always be snapping the g as of late(But I did switch the gauge as I said)

    Always breaks at the 3rd fret or so at the neck. Any help would be great. My bass is a dean edge lefty 5 string. I have low action set, so the lighter gauge was to make it even easier for DH tapping and all the solo bass territory.(Although I use it mostly for my hard rock band. I just like it set this way for being able to play that stuff as well)

    If anyone has had a similar experience and solved it, I would be very grateful. I'm not too fussed on string brands. I've never really tested different ones. So if there's a brand that would be better suited in anyone's eyes. I will test it out. Sorry if my explanation is a bit long winded. Just wanted to cover all ground.

  2. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    At the 3rd fret? Id say you got a fret thats in serious need of smoothing. Sounds like its got a sharp or otherwise grating top surface thing going on. Very carfully look for anything that looks like a burr, jagged bit, or other then completley smooth & even surface to the fret around the area G string goes over. You may or may not be able to feel it fairly easilly to.
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    Assuming that you tune to standard pitch, and assuming that your instrument doesn't have some sort of sharp burr on the edge of the fret(s), then you're simply playing too hard. Since this has already happened on multiple strings, it's highly unlikely that all those strings were defective. :eyebrow:

    I've been playing since 1977. Never broke a string once. Ever.

  4. cableguy


    Jun 4, 2009
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    Only strings I have broken were due to a burr on the bridge on one bass, and the combination of Jack Daniels and a Kahler tremolo on the other. That said my g strings are usually 45's.
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    What are your gauges?
  6. SLaPiNFuNK

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    What kind of case do you keep the bass in? Is there any kind of padding or insert on the inside of the case there? Or some kind of pocket on the outside that something could be in it placing weight on the strings? Lean it up against a desk?

    If it is always breaking in the same area, something may physically be coming in contact with the string. Could be even a stand you could be placing it on?
  7. I tune half a step down. I've gotten a new set to put on the bass today that is just regular light gauge.(The customs that keep snapping are 40,60,80 and 100 I think)

    I'll examine the area where it keeps snapping and see if there is anything wrong. On my other bass I never snap strings(But it is just a basic sx I use at home for practice, not good enough to gig).

    Luckily my strings are only snapping in rehearsals. I did once snap one on stage and had to play the entire gig without a G. hahaha.
  8. It's just in a soft case. A bit of padding, but not much. I keep it on a guitar rack with a bunch of other guitars that are in our rehearsal room.
  9. 40, 60, 80 and 100. I have a B that I think is around 120. But I haven't replaced it in about 7 months as I rarely use it. I have gotten a different set this time that is just regualr light gauge(From 45 onwards).
  10. SLaPiNFuNK

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    I have a feeling the g string is making contact with this guitar stand near the breaking point.
  11. knuckle_head

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    If that .040 were a .045 - keeping the rest of your gauges the same - the G may be a bit more stalwart (likely a thicker core). A plus with that is it would balance better as well.

    I'm inclined to agree that your G string is probably being subject to more than just your playing it.
  12. Possibly. I was thinking of getting a hard case for storing it better. But I always felt that the strings seemed "Tighter" on this bass. As if it was stretching the string more than my other one. My guitarist simply is saying "Don't bend the string if that's why it keeps breaking. Bass strings aren't designed to be bent like that". Makes me want to smack him. haha
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    I had a D-string broken once. It was a Fender 9050L set. I still don't know why, as it only happened once. If strings keep breaking, there must be a cause. Careful examination of frets and set-up are required. It doesn't necessarily have to be a sharp spot. If a fret is a little higher than the others, there might be a chance that the string hits it many times. This hardens the string, causing embrittlement, causing breakage in its turn.

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