Gary Peacock in Japan 1968-72

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  1. teleharmonium


    Dec 2, 2003
    I am doing some research that may lead to a piece of journalism if I can get interview access and enough other material. Gary Peacock lived in Japan from 1968-72 and did some recordings there in the latter 2 years. Below is a list of those that I know of; can any of you guys add to it ?

    Also if anyone has any info or possible sources of info on his life and career from that time, or can put me in touch with the man himself, I would greatly appreciate it. In particular I would like to find out if he was playing live at all and any other Japanese musicians he may have played with.

    Gary Peacock - Eastward (CBS-Sony)
    Gary Peacock - Voices (CBS-Sony)
    Mal Waldron and Gary Peacock - First Encounter (Victor)
    Hozan Yamamoto - Silver World (Philips)
    Masahiko Sato Trio - Samadhi - Mashiko Meets Gary (Teichiku/Express)
  2. Louis90403


    Jul 26, 2002

    (1)Pls add the following recordings with Mr Sadao Watanabe.

    *Sadao Watanabe(fl-1, sn-2, as-3) Masabumi Kikuchi(p)
    Gary Peacock(b) Hiroshi Murakami(ds) Masahiko Togashi(perc)@ June 22, 1971 / CBS Sony 1st Studio, Tokyo
    + Paysages : Part I and II -1
    + Out Land -2
    + Space is Not a Place -2
    + Green Air -3
    + Provincial -2
    #Latest CD reissue number : SRCS-9329

    (2)As far as I have quickly searched on the Japanese web, I found the following gig.

    Swing Journal Jazz Workshop, March 18, 1970, at Ginza Yamaha Hall in Tokyo.
    Masaaki Kikuchi(p) Hiroshi Murakami(ds) Gary Peacock(b)

    Good luck to your search, and I will keep my eyes open for this. :hyper:

  3. Louis90403


    Jul 26, 2002
    Another recordings found.

    (3) Have You Heard?/Jack DeJohnette(Ds, P)(Sony) - Recorded April 7, 1970. Bennie Maupin(Ts, Bcl, Fl), Gary Peacock(B), Hideo Ichikawa(P) - 1. Have You Heard? 2. For Jane 3. Neo Philia (Love Of The New) 4. Papa Daddy

    This is a recordings at Toshi Center Hall, Tokyo.

  4. teleharmonium


    Dec 2, 2003
    Thanks ! That's great info. I will have to track down all of these recordings.

    I found out about on one more as well, Helen Merrill/Sposin, I believe it was on Victor originally but is more common in a Storyville DK reissue.