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Getting a new bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Mogalen, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Mogalen


    Mar 5, 2013
    And I just can't decide what to go for. I have a few selected basses, but they all seems so awesome, I just can't decide which one to get...


    Sandberg Basic - Looks amazing, sounds amazing. I just love everything about it, especially the single humbucker.


    G&L Tribute L-200 Premium - Yeah, looks and sounds amazing. I love all the versitality you can get with this one.


    Fender Jaguar - The only bass from Fender that appeals to me, I love the unique look and all the tones you can get with it, looks amazing as well.


    Human Base Roxy - Guess what? Looks and sounds amazing. Too bad it's not for sale in the black finish. I love the single pickup on this one as well.

    Which one of these would give me the most for my money? I'm gonna play everything from metal, rock and funk on it.

  2. Mogalen


    Mar 5, 2013
    Is there anyone of these that stand out, quality wise?
    I'd love some reviews or something.
  3. bassinplace


    Dec 1, 2008
    Well, no two basses are exactly alike, so I'd recommend you play as many as you can and buy the one you like best. For me, every bass I've bought with the exception of one was because I liked the way it played when I tried it. What kind of bass it was wasn't even a consideration for me.
  4. personally I'd go with the sandberg or the g&l for quality and versatility.
  5. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    Those jaguars can be set up to play so beautifully,
    I'm around a lot of basses and players all the time, and I'm doing this awhile..
    and the one bass i remember being set up better than anything i've ever felt was a Jaguar.

    It was set up by this one person who works at Mandolin bros in the US, I could get his name for you.

    This one was upgraded with Voodoo pickups, and they were FAN-TAS-tic...!

    ..so rich and full, it seemed like it got exactly the tones i wanted,like no bad tones at all, no effort dialing them in. i would strongly suggest the upgrade, this guy had asked the guy at Voodoo pu's to custom wind a pu that had a james jamerson tone, and it came out perfectly.. Not exactly motown-ish in my opinion, but just wonderful.

    The 1.5" nut width is cool, and they look great... I also get gigs and recording sessions where I have to show up with a "fender" P or J, and this is usually acceptable for those guys..another plus.
    i can say, with the upgraded pickups I mentioned, u will be more than happy.
    I regret not buying that bass.. I would get some good setup work and talk to that pickup guy, http://www.voodoopickups.com/JBReplacement.shtml

    only hear great things about sandberg basses, never tried that model before though.

    Boutique stuff like Bee basses are sometimes great,but the resale value can be very poor,
    if u decide to switch to something else, u may lose a lot on the reselling,a whole lot.

    The single humbucker Bongo bass from Ernie Ball Musicman is amazing, although I like the one with the twin humbuckers the best, the fretwire is a little chunky for me, but no more than any musicman or warwick bass I've tried.
    Bongos have a 4 band active EQ that just kills,
    and the tone is thick,rich and in a nice,modern way..very well EQ'ed.
    of all the single humbucking basses I think of, that one kind of shines, and the Sterling model sounds a little similar, but has the nice,thin 1.5" nut width..

    these have the look u seem to want, i can tell u have a certain style bass that appeals to you,
    the Bongo bass is modern in style,the body shape was designed by the BMW design team..
    and their finishes are unreal..some of the oranges and light blue metallic finishes are as good as a high end sports car..

    The jaguar can be found used on these forums cheap, use the money u save to get the pu upgrade i mentioned,
    he will wind them to your custom specs if u have a tone in mind.
    good luck!

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