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Getting Sansamp Programmable Driver DI with Boss SYB-5. Keep Boss ME 50B?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Brosephius, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Brosephius


    Aug 29, 2017
    Howdy folks,
    So I currently have the Boss ME 50B and I’m finally ready to build up my own board. After a couple days of research I’m thinking I definitely want the Sansamp Programmable Driver. And then I’m wanting a Boss SYB-5 for when I wanna get weird.
    What I’m wondering is: 1) Where does the driver go in the lineup with other pedals, such as the syb5? I ask since the programmable available to me doesn’t have the effects loop that the deluxe version has. 2) What to do with my ME 50B... I only use like 5 effects on it (2 of which the Driver will replace) and the pedal makes for a nice quick mute. I wonder about getting a switch to toggle between the ME 50B and my build your own pedal board, or, what if I put the Sansamp and the ME 50B in series, will I defeat the purpose of the programmable driver’s glory therefore committing sacrilege and I’ll get shunned over it, lol? Or, should I just move on and trade the ME 50B for individual defretter, compression, and volume pedals (since that’s apparently all I’d be keeping it for)?
    So any thoughts, opinions, advise anyone has for me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey bud, I think it's pretty common practice to put your Sansamp in-line with the rest of your pedals. I put mine first, with the SYB second to last (I put a delay last). The SYB really benefits from having a bit of drive before it, and the BDDI is the perfect tool for gain staging any pedal board.

    As for the ME50, it'll probably make arranging a pedalboard difficult but I can't see any other reason not to keep it. I can't think of many pedals that do the defretting effect very well, and you get the bonus of a bunch of extra effects; however, I had a multifx and eventually sold it for standalone stomps. I found on average I got better quality versions of each fx - just at a much higher price per effect.

    I hope that helps. I love the SYB and the BDDI.
  3. Brosephius


    Aug 29, 2017
    Thanks! Helps a bunch. Totally needed some outside perspective. I absolutely bought the ME50 for the purpose of discovering what Effects I realistically want, only had a big muff before that, but the ME50’s preamp alone gave me the best basic tone I’ve ever had. I think that’s the only think keepin me attached to it. Everything I’ve read tells me the BDDI is the thing that could make things even better so with your input I can feel safe sticking with the original plan of figuring out what I need in building my own pedal board. Long story short. Thanks a bunch!
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