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  1. Just curious as to if any of you have a gigging pedalboard and a stay at home pedalboard?

    Maybe you have duplicates for convenience purposes (or as a backup) or you like to play around with different stuff at home that you don't necessarily gig with. Let's see what you have and the stories behind them!
  2. 21FEC22D-30F8-48EA-80C4-96C8E09DF044.jpeg I did have at one point - I found a very dodgy photo…
    Band board at the time for my thrash band (even though I rarely used all the effects)
    Tuner - Ibanez pd7 - bass edition tentacle love super fuzz - boss bf3 flanger - Ibanez weeping demon - boss ceb3 chorus and then boss rv3 reverb.

    home board was valcoder pedal - boss PS3 (setup like a whammy with the expression pedal to dry plus octave to dry plus two octave up ) - noise box fuzz / filter - mastotron - Ibanez synth pedal - turbo rat - and then two delays (can’t remember what they were )

    I ended up hooking up most of this for the old “noise peice” songs out together by the user “mr pickles”… when my thrash band ended in 2012 and I got out of music for a few years most of this got sold off over time…
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  3. F111BB63-3B5D-4FBB-812B-464003C2DB78.jpeg My current band I have combined the two - so best of both worlds in one board…
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  4. Bob_Ross

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    Dec 29, 2012
    Not exactly a Gig vs Stay-At-Home, but I have two pedalboards (which I refer to as the Large Pedalboard and the Small Pedalboard) which serve decidedly different functions based mostly on how familiar I am with their respective contents:

    - The Large Pedalboard has been pretty much locked down in its current configuration for the past ~5 years, and contains a number of pedals that I've owned for almost 40 years. I am extremely familiar with what it is capable of, and as it is (mercifully) very reliable I don't need to remind myself how to use it; it works consistently and predictably and so I never bother bringing it home. It stays in a road case at my rehearsal studio, and even if I haven't practiced with it in a while I'll bring it to gigs and know that I can get what I need out of it. So if anything is my "Gig Board" it's that one.

    - The Small Pedalboard, sometimes I dunno *** is going on there :) It's all pedals I've acquired within the past ~2 years, and the intention was to create something that would inspire me by being conspicuously different from my Large Pedalboard, and while I've certainly achieved that aim, everything on this board has a steeper learning curve than typical pedals. I keep changing it up in minor ways, and added a new pedal as recently as two weeks ago, and oh yeah, I can't decide whether one of the pedals is defective, so it's often a great big pile of mystery. I take that one home regularly so that I can A) try to learn how it works, in hopes that I can overcome the learning curves and it can become a bit more reliably predictable, and B) troubleshoot it. So if anything is my "Stay-At-Home Board" it's that one...except that it doesn't stay at home.

    The real fun starts when I combine the Large Pedalboard and the Small Pedalboard.
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  5. I have thought about making a home board just for convenience and to include some dirt which I don't use live. Call me lazy, but I just find it tedious unpacking the individual pedals at home and powering them up and connecting them all together that I end up not doing it and I have a fair amount of pedals that just end up sitting in a box.
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  6. I agree… At one stage I had a bass whammy and the weeping demon wah off the board, but always seemed too hard despite the extra 30 seconds of setups. I like the plug and play of all on one (or two) boards especially when I have very little time to practice these days.
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  7. Zbysek


    Mar 23, 2017
    Czech Republic
    No. With two kids and daily work, I have no time playing my bass at home...
  8. I have several boards right now for various projects and purposes. My F16 is my main synth board and I dare not tear it apart as it is currently being purposed for several dedicated long term projects, two that are generating either income or potential for....
    F16 Jine 2021.jpg
    I have my jam board that will cover what little live playing I might do for now, most of my projects are on an agreed upon hiatus.


    I also put together a little board for a quick rock funk jam, corporate type thing.


    I also have a small board for my recording setup

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  9. I have "bass/gigging board" and a "guitar/crazy pedals that have no use in a band" board