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  1. I have been really thinking about this lately. I do solo looping bass and think that the extended range (Thinking B-F) would be very helpful to me. Since I dont have copious ammounts of cash I thin that Conklin Groove Tools 7 would be the route for me (and I have heard these are quite good).

    But........ so far I have only played 4 string basses. Should I ease my way into 7 strings or should I just jump in? (unfortunately there are no local stores that carry 7 strings, hardly any 6 strings aswell)

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    I myself have heard mixed results on making the transition to more strings, but most people say making a larger jump at once is easier. I don't have a 7 (yet), but when I do, I will not be buying a 6 first.

    Try before you buy. See if you can find someone in your area. My teacher even has one. (Which is how I came to want a 7).Try your local shops frequently. I have seen a couple GT-7s used at my GC. Look on ebay and on the clasifieds here also and one will eventually turn up. There are a bunch in the classifieds.

  3. I'll definately look around for them. And I do see them come and go rather often in the classifieds over here, but there are none up as of right now. And only one on ebay, but its $1500, and I have seen them go for much less.

    But I will definately keep my eyes open.
  4. Any input on jumping straight into ERB? should I "take it slow" or will it make a difference?
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    just jump in and learn it.
    go to extendedrangebassist.com and check it out
  6. +1

    There are no rules about what you should do. I went from a 4 to a fretless 6 to a fretted 7..

    I've got a Conklin GT7 and it was a great way to get into 7 strings. Even though they're not made anymore, you can still find them.

    Best of luck !!
  7. Ok, thanks a lot guys. Its good to hear that from people with experience. You have been very re-assuring.

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    I jumped straight from a 5 to a 4 and then onto a 6. You'll definitely need an "adjustment period", but it's not like learning to play all over again or anything!
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    I went from 4 to 6 with very few issues. You might have some trouble keeping yourself oriented at first, and you have more open strings to mute, but it gets easier pretty quickly.