Good bass tone/sound?

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    I am really having a hard time getting a better sound/tone out of my bass and/or my amp. It is probably my amp but I want to see if I can get something cool on there before I get a new one. What is good settings or whatever for a good bass amp? Mine sucks but for the record my knobs are labeled : Low, Low-mid, High-Mid, High.

    I kind of want to get a rock tone then a jazz tone since I want to play in my school's jazz band next semester or next year :D

    Thanks for everything if you can give me some pointers or tips :D
    EDIT : OMG I just noticed I posted this in the tablature section, I'm 100% sure I posted in the General Instruction section. If your a mod please move this.
  2. How you play will give your tone not so much your amp.
    Depends on the specific amp, but in general for rock turn them all up to 80% and play with a pick. For jazz put low-mids 65%, high at 25% and leave the rest around 50%. Just listen for what you think sounds good with your playing style and use that.
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    A little out of place, but to answer your question I usually get the best rock sound by keeping the eq flat and bumping the low mids up a bit. As for jazz, I usually keep the eq flat and bump the bass and treble up a bit. If you want a Jaco type jazz sound, just keep the eq flat, bump up the low mids and run the bridge pickup.