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    Jun 18, 2016
    Hello! I found a real beauty in a province of Thailand. It's a 1982 Greco RB style bass in off white. It's awesome and I love it... Especially with my VT bass V.2 along for the ride.
    Here's a video clip of a restoration project where I used the Greco neck pickup and the flat settings on the VT to get into the neighbourhood of what I thought was an appropriate sound.

    I'm a bit concerned about how to go about fixing a few of the upper frets, though. I can't really ship it in to Greco or to Rickenbacker, so it's going to need some local work, but these things, including rickenbacker proper, are extremely rare here and are prone to theft, so I'm a bit leery of local help too. There's no way I can find somebody with experience with Rickenbacker refrets here; they've never had a dealer in Thailand. I'm wondering what other options there are and if anybody else has had any trouble fixing up the more uncommon and controversial instruments out there.
    Specifically, the 12th and 14th frets of the G string and the higher frets on the D string are worn and give me more buzz than fundamental unless I play extreeeemely softly.
  2. Any decent luthier can do a refret. Brand doesn't matter, the procedure is the same on every instrument with a binding around the neck. But maybe a refret isn't even necessary, and you can do with a levelling and recrowning.
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