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Hamer 5-string worth upgrading..??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sojhen, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Like the title says I own a Hamer 5-string cruise bass... I love the little thing.. But! Is it worth changing pick ups.. electronics etc.. If you can't tell I have NO knowledge in the customizing department and I know a majority of you guys do... The bass is a keeper either way but is she worth puting some money into,... I'm by no means rich,.. but if it's worth it she deserves it... help? :help:
  2. even the imports.... I've got a "Hamer" labeled early Slammer series 5 string. Real playable for a cheap bass, I swapped the pickups for a pair of used Barts (the P in a Jazz case style) and it's a great sounding bass now too. If the strings weren't soo tightly spaced, I'd surely play it more.... I defretted and epoxied it the week I got it (intended to before purchase).
  3. My bass is Korean, Nevertheless I am VERY fond of it.... I feel like a samurai would about his katana or wakazashi you could say.. Not to sound corny it's true... I love it... I will buy another bass eventually but I will NEVER sell this one... It has fostered my growth as a bass player and been there for support... (god that sounds weird) But I'm sure you guys have similar feelings about your axes(or swords lol)... But , would you think that because it's a Korean model that it might not be worth it..? :confused:
  4. group03.jpg

    I'm not sure which country it's from, but it's from that region of the world for sure.
    I love how it sounds with the $80 of used Barts I put in it!

    Track 1

    Track 2

    Both recorded direct to sound card into cakewalk via the DI of a late 90s Ashdown combo.
  5. Those are some sleek basses you have there.... I'd like to also get a different pick guard and do some little cosmetic touch ups... I actually want to carve japanese into the bass itself,... wonder if I could find someone with the skill to do that.... Sadly Hamer only makes one kind of pick guard for my kind of bass ... how sad.... Any suggestions on how I should go about moding it..?

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