Hartke in NH

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  1. Hey

    With Daddy's Junky Music gone I can't find a Hartke dealer in Mass., NH or Maine?

    Are there any?.

    Thanks. chris
  2. digi


    Jun 30, 2010
    New Hampshire
    I think Guitarcenter should have Hartke's. If you don't mind used then check out craigslist.
  3. No they don't carry the line as they are owned by American Musical or vice verse. They carry Acoustic.
  4. Well need to eat my words. Until recently guitar center didn't carry them but they are now listing them online. I was in the Danvers mass store this week and they didn't have any then ampeg, markbass, fender and acoustic.
  5. Might not be super helpful, but I know Sweetwater carries them online. I didn't really like Daddy's too much, but now that they're gone and nobody has stepped in to fill the demand, it kinda sucks. Nearest GC is like an hour away (when daddy's was like 10 min)