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  1. Dennis Hamblin

    Dennis Hamblin

    Dec 23, 2014
    I grew up playing guitar and piano and played in bands in the 80's. I was out of music for a number of years but got back together with some old friends in the 90s and switched to bass (necessitated by a left hand injury that reduced my dexterity a bit). At that time I bought an Ibanez SR300 because it was cheap and then found I preferred playing that over my buddy's PB. Stopped playing for a while but now back at it again with a SR700 and Ampeg 115 (still have the 300). We're playing mostly Americana music. I've never been much on effects but just bought a Zoom B3 just for kicks. I'm actually having as much fun playing now as I did back in the 80s. I guess 50 is the new 30, eh? I just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hi."
  2. Welcome. Lot of "older" bassists here, I think you will like it here.