Hellooo There - Glad to be here

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  1. chester2


    Mar 21, 2014
    Ontario, Canada
    Howdy there!

    I found this forum, just from some searching around the internet. Looks like a good place to be for some good info and discussion around Bass.

    I'm here in Canada - Ontario. Getting older (and like to think more experienced) as a musician.

    I began with the electric guitar (yes 6 string) and played first in a rock band, then moved onto metal (was in a thrash metal band for a decade, and played guitar also in a Pantera tribute group on the side for 3 years).

    Then got back together with some of the guys and since we already had a good guitarist (better than I - hehe), there was a bass kicking around and started playing it. Needless to say, I found my calling...
    I had always been a better rhythm guitarist than an up front leads man. And a knack for more solid playing. The bass just sort of molded to me. Have been a bass player since.
    Then we decided to form a Tool Tribute band, which once we formed and started sounding decent, did that for the next 6 years. Loved playing and mimicking Tool bass! Was really a fun time, until after we called it quits.

    The next three years I actually moved onto and studied classical guitar. Even recorded a CD.

    Then back onto Bass. And never stop learning. Playing in a band again. Mainly just for fun and having a blast.

    Coming back to bass from classical actually taught me a lot. Have better control, and most of all... I always keep my fingernails long on my plucking hand. Having finger nails totally helps out a lot! Can really pluck those strings with better control and the sound I want.

    Well, glad to be hear and reading some good tips and info. Hope to maybe provide some value myself.

  2. Welcome, look forward to your comments.