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Help finding Danelectro Short scale bass strings.

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by tigerv8, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. tigerv8

    tigerv8 Guest

    Jul 9, 2004
    I have a Short Horn Danelectro (1965) and I made the mistake of taking off the old strings and throwing them away thinking it would be easy to find a set of short scale strings that would fit. Man was I wrong. Because the tuning heads having very small holes and because of it only being 30 inches(15 frets) I'm have a hellava' time find a set of strings. Have any of you ever experienced this problem and if you have can you help me with this. Thank you very much. Joe Cerisano in Jersey. :help:
  2. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    D'Addario makes short scale strings that work on my Longhorn RI, (small tuner holes)... Nickels and great sounding...

  3. Pennydreadful

    Pennydreadful Goin out West

    Jun 13, 2005
    Arlington, Texas
    BUUUUMP! I need a set of flats that'll fit on a short-scale Dano with guitar tuners. Anybody?
  4. SUNNyday r.

    SUNNyday r.

    Oct 17, 2006
    Bay Area
    Bump as well. I just bought a Long horn reissue and blew out a few sets of strings in regular scale by cutting them short to fit. They were all old strings so wasn't too big a deal. Chromes were promising but the outer wrap came apart on the E at the peg end when I started to wind it. GHS Precision Flats did work even when I cut them short but they were uninspired on it. After some others I settled on an old set of DR Hi Beams .45-.105 and they are great! They seem to fatten up the E too and make it sound bigger and tighter. Also, I used a drill to make the original peg holes larger and it worked like a charm. I think Fender makes a short scale roundwound set. I wish the Chromes came in a shortscale set.
  5. donk


    Nov 5, 2006
    I have Jerry Jones shorthorn bass and have GHS Brite Flats on it. I drilled the E & A tuner holes out a little so the strings fit. It sounds great and plays better than the soft-ish rounds that come on it stock.
  6. braun-jovi


    Mar 25, 2004
    Evansville, IN
    There is a set of shortscale Chromes available. Try www.juststrings.com as you won't likely find them in stores. I haven't anyway.
  7. Pennydreadful

    Pennydreadful Goin out West

    Jun 13, 2005
    Arlington, Texas
    Sunnyday & Donk - so did you just stick the drill bit against the tuner hole and go to town, or what?
  8. SUNNyday r.

    SUNNyday r.

    Oct 17, 2006
    Bay Area
    Yep. Pretty much used a bit slightly bigger than the hole and gently ran it through. Just go slow and don't use a bit that is too big. That said, I want to get the Chromes in short scale now that I know they exist. Goodluck!
  9. Pennydreadful

    Pennydreadful Goin out West

    Jun 13, 2005
    Arlington, Texas
    Thanks, Sunnyday. That might just solve my string problem.
  10. mrufino1

    mrufino1 Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2005
    Nutley, NJ
    I used to have a reissue Longhorn, and I used GHS short scale strings that worked well. They are roundwounds. I know I found short scale flats too (they are on a short scale P Bass copy my wife has). Trp BP strings- he has every kind of string you can imagine, and he is located in manalapan (I'm also in NJ). I don't know if strings that fit the longhorn would fit the shorthorn, but the scale length is the same.
  11. BetterBottomEnd

    BetterBottomEnd <- Not me I just like looking at her

    Jan 9, 2007
    Cable Wi
    So Entwistle played with one of those. He wanted to play the solo on My Generation with one. Problem was he kept breaking strings and in the UK while they were recording it was so hard to find strings that he just bought a new bass every time he broke a string. Eventually he couldn't find anymore basses and recorded on a Jazz with flats.
  12. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    JustStrings has D'Addario flats in four lengths... I have a set of the shorts on my Longhorn and they are perfect with no modifications. Reasonable prices and fast shipping...

  13. sedan_dad


    Feb 5, 2006
  14. acleex38


    Jul 28, 2006
    Sorry - I apologize for bringing this question up on this thread but you seem to have the Private Message feature turned off for your account.

    If you are the same Joe Cerisano who sang on a tune on Blue Oyster Cult's "Imaginos", I'm a HUGE Fan (your voice absolutely makes that track - a highlight of the album) and have been since about 1990. I had no idea you played bass too. Sweet.

    Back on topic - thanks for starting the thread. I may be switching to short scale Chromes thanks to this discussion (I'm currently using long scale chromes on my 31" scale bass, strung through the body - but the windings don't like that much).
  15. NickyBass

    NickyBass Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    Southern New Jersey
  16. analog_freak


    Jan 1, 2008
    The Jerry Jones web site lists the strings that work with the shorthorn and longhorn under the FAQ section. If you're looking for flats, Rotosound jazz flats (model 77S) work, and their gauge is light like the Chromes. I'm assuming this would be the same for Danelectro and JJ.
  17. TRichardsbass

    TRichardsbass Commercial User

    Jun 3, 2009
    Between Muscle Shoals and Nashville
    Bassgearu, Music Industry Consulting and Sales
    Just for information...

    Re-dredging this link for any "new" Dano bass owners.

    Jerry Jones uses D'Addario XL 155 Chromes for six string. If you like roundwound, I suggest you buy the XL155 set (its six strings, 24-84) but only use the EADG. They are approximately the right guage as the original four string bass, however they retail for about $8. Thats right, bass strings for $8! And the Dano actually sounds better with the thinner guage on it.

    The originals were La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass 760FD. They are available retail, however they are limited run and most companies have to back order them. I recently got a set online through ebay for about $40. That is a pretty good price for such a unique string. The original Dano's used the La Bellas and they are 42-53-60-79.

    The La Bella's are built with the proper winding and thickness so that the strings fit the hole in the vintage/guitar tuner pegs.
  18. Does anyone know what gauges strings originally shipped with the 3412 shorthorn (15 fret model)?

    I'm about ready to place an order with LaBella for some custom made sets. The gauges I measured on my 3412 are:

    E: ~0.0705" - call it 0.070
    A: ~0.058"
    D: ~0.0425" - call it 0.042
    G: ~0.030"

    I'm planning on getting them in Nickel. Since I really only need a few sets, I'll have some sets available if anyone is interested in buying them. Let me know.