Help me before I shoot my computer

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  1. I am doing sound for a mobile game. Right now I'm doing some general ambiance for a forest (birds chirping, stream, wind in the trees). I've been using Reaper for all of the past sounds and it's worked without a hitch. Today I go into Reaper and try to export this sound and it tells me that the microphone array isn't working so it can't export.

    Usually, I have problems with Reason resetting my soundcard to either no sound or to attempt to use an ASIO driver I don't have full support for. I don't know why, but typically all I have to do is open up Reason and change it in the preferences (I forgot that, obviously, Reaper would have that capability). I go in and the bar is greyed out and it says it's in Rewire mode... so I figure for whatever reason it's interfacing with Reaper and change it there. I don't know if that's related to my current problem.

    My current problem is when I try to export files using the "consolidate and export project" option. I've tried it several times and it keeps exporting project files instead of the .WAV sounds it's supposed to export to. I can't seem to figure out why, as it's set to export to WAV and it's worked in the past. I finally got one to export, but now it's 4 and a half minutes long instead of the original 37 seconds. There's almost 2 minutes of silence on either side of the actual sound. I could put that into Audacity and trim it for the purposes of this upload, but I'd really like to fix the actual problem.
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    James Judson

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    I'm not qualified to help with your Reason issues but I can say shooting your computer has some therapeutic benefits. Been there done that.

    Playing your guitar has the same benefits but less controversial, less violent, less intimidating and you don't have to pick up the mess. And you can take your guit box home the same day you purchase it.

    Just sayin.
  3. It's actually Reaper I have problems with... which makes it 10 times worse because they have almost the same names and even I get frustrated trying to keep them straight.
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    Apr 12, 2012
    What is it you're trying to do? I'm having trouble getting my head around the problem.

    If you just want to get the sounds mixed down to WAV why not just render it? Also if you're just using REAPER on it's own you need to be running it normally rather than in ReWire slave mode.
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    James Judson

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    Oh I had it all wrong. Reaper is the problem???? Go ahead and shoot your computer it will make you feel better. Trust me on this one.
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    James Judson

    Jul 16, 2009
    Oh I did have it right. I am not qualified to give advice.
  7. the export to WAV files is exporting project files instead
  8. I would go ask on the reaper forums. They are generally really helpful over there.
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    You shouldn't be 'exporting' anything.
    The File>Render dialog should be showing you everything you need to see.
    Before you hit render, though, select the area you want to render. Then choose "Area Selection" instead of "Entire Project" in the Render dialog.