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  1. I have been on the market for a pre CBS p bass for some time and have come across a bass I quite like. It is described as all original and I have sent several emails to the vendor for more information which they have kind of been helpful with. My concern is that it looks almost too clean for its age with minimal wear in all the normal places.
    Ok, it may have been stored under a bed for the last 30-40 years however I want to be like 1,000% sure I ain't splashing my hard-earned on an axe that has been refinished. I have asked them about the finish and they say "to the best of our knowledge, it is all original".
    So.... I am including a shortcut to the Reverb post where it is listed, if any of you incredibly savvy bassists can have a look and give your opinion it would be appreciated. Please no comments about buying a Fender and yadda yadda, I am after comments about originality, especially the finish.

    Fender Precision Bass 1964 Sunburst | Albert's Collection | Reverb
  2. David76112


    Feb 19, 2012
    Looks pretty clean for a 64. I'm no expert, just first impression.
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  3. murmur70


    May 3, 2017
    It might help to see a picture of the neck pocket.
  4. godofthunder59

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    Shouldn't there be no grain showing through the sunburst? I believe that they were primed and the the sunburst shot over primer. Also that nice center seam doesn't seem right.
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  5. murmur70


    May 3, 2017
    If it's fake, it looks like an old fake.