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  1. Hello friends! I got this laptop specifically so that I can take it to rehearsal and record our practices just as a way to really tighten up certain parts of songs, and also to record new ideas so we don't forget them. Also, I want to record at home with me doing all the instruments and vocals and stuff.

    So, with that said, I was going to look into an interface or external sound card of some kind. What would you suggest as an interface, mic, etc? I've got about 300 canadian to spend, but can spend more if it is really worth it. Thanks everyone!
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    if you're on a budget I suggest this route, get yourself a small mixer and a 2 channel interface.

    There's lots of threads about this topic

    the other suggestion would be to look for a unit like the Zoom H4 (This is the only one that can act as a 4 track as I understand) or H2, Eiderol R09H etc....what I can tell you from experience is that it gets a great idea to do what you're doing (as I do it and love it) however make sure everyone is on board, the last nasty comment I had was "Are you ready to hit the record button yet?".

    Sometimes just set up and forget is the best way to go.
  3. I guess I should mention that I can definitely spend more for quality gear. Songwriting is a huge hobby of mine, and would really like to be able to record my stuff with decent quality. So yeah, something basic but I am willing to spend some cash to get quality.