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    Aug 2, 2012
    Hello all, been playing me sterling by music man ray 5 for about a month now, and although it is set up near perfect from the factory, im thinking about getting some new strings to make my b string less floppy and clanky, i understand it will always flop due to the way the note vibrates, but it is just to clanky to play right now. im currently using a 125 gauge nickel ( dunlop) and they are super soft and easy to bend strings, i am wonder if
    will be a huge jump and make the bass hard to play. I also will probably need the nut filed

    Any recommendations will be super appreciated they dont have to be those at all.
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    May 4, 2009
    You answered your own question by looking at the website. Email Jason, or use his contact form. Tell him frankly about your bass, what you play, and what you're trying to get out of your bass so he can make a recommendation for you.
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    going with that set would likely yield a pretty tight b, but the rest of the strings would be tighter as well. dunlops are stated as being lower tension (i didnt notice it on the sets i tried) and using a 125 on a 34" scale bass with a heavier technique will result in some flop and clank. most standard guage 5 string sets are 45-105 with a 130 guage b, dunlops are one of the few that come with a 125. get a set of either ghs boomers, ernie ball slinkys or d'addario nickels in a 45-130 set and you should be fine.
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    Like already said, those strings will be SUPER tight on the lower 4. Might even be too tight for you on the B.

    If you want Ken Smiths, I'd get a 45-105 set and get a .135 B string single. Maybe even a 45-100 with the .135.

    You could also do this with D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley, LaBella, DR HiBeams or GHS Progressives at Bass Strings Online.
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    Jan 25, 2005
    Almost all mainstream sets have the B looser or much looser than the other strings, with enough tension you can avoid clank and flop. Stick to your favourite EADG gauges and add a B equal in tension to the E, equal tension pairs are:
    130 95
    135 100
    145 105
    Build a set from single strings or buy a balanced tension set from Circle K Strings (nickelplated roundwound top load bridges only).