Hi from Western Australia

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  1. Indio


    Jul 31, 2016
    Western Australia
    Hi all,

    I'm a new member out of west Oz saying hi. I'm here looking for info on Pbass pickups to fix my Japanese P that stopped working years ago and shameful has been living in its case under the bed since. Here is a pic of her, apologies if the jag offends anyone ;)

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  2. Ha mate, not offended. Sweet instruments.

  3. Welcome, from way over the other side (North Coast NSW).

    Hope you get your pickup problem sorted, I'm sure there are guys who will be willing and able to provide the info you need.
  4. beatlemania


    Jul 23, 2016
    Gosh, I'd like to swag that jag.

    Also, good luck fixing that beauty of a P-bass.
  5. theduke1


    Dec 22, 2010
    Sussex WI
    Welcome from the Wisconsin Bassplayers Club. Buy yourself a SD 1/4lb ers to put in your P, or go to the G&L site and order their P bass style pickups. They have two different types.
    Good luck on the repair
  6. organworthyplayer337

    organworthyplayer337 Professional Hack

    Oct 28, 2014
    Charlotte, NC
    Agh! Put it away! :eek: