SOLD Hipshot Joe Osborn Reverse Bass Tuners (long stem)

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    Hipshot no longer makes these bass tuners. They are special.

    I ordered these direct from Hipshot. They are called Joe Osborn Bass Tuners. They are reverse turn just like the old pre-CBS Fender bass tuners. In fact, in one photo, you can see the Hipshot next to a pre-CBS tuner (not included). For size comparison. The stem and "clover leaf" stick up almost exactly the same as vintage Fender bass tuners up to year 1966.

    The mounting plate is almost exactly the same size as a Schaller BML bass tuner.

    These tuners are in mint condition. I had them installed on a Warmoth neck for a bass that literally was only played for a few hours.

    I don't know if the tuners are nickel or chrome but they are so shiny that they look like chrome.
    The string post is definitely nickel and so are the bushings that press into the headstock.

    Bushings measure............ .688 of an inch. The part that presses into the hole.

    The original hardware is included. 16 screws. 4 bushings.

    These are not light weight tuners but because of the smaller mounting plate, they are lighter than comparable Fender tuners.

    Notice the tapered string posts.

    The action for these tuners is smooth, very smooth. Very light force needed to tune up.

    Hipshot's similar tuners are $33 a piece plus shipping, around $145 for a set with shipping. My price is $53 lower than new.

    These tuners are mint and could pass for new.

    $92 shipped. USA 48 only. PayPal.

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