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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by juancaminos, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. juancaminos

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    Has anyone thought about or actually converted a regular bass to an EUB? I have long thought about this and have two donors that I'd like to attempt a conversion on. One is a Hamer Cruise 2-Tek fretless, the other is a Music Man S.U.B. I'm thinking something like an NS NXT or Dean Pace type of EUB or? Although the Warwick Rockbass has a nice shape too.
  2. The biggest drawback to me would not be getting the typical fingerboard DB radius, so playing arco would be very tough, which is most of the temptation for me to learn DB.

    Edit to add: Also, if you want to use it to play pizzicato for jazz, it’s not going to sound much closer to a DB. You would really have to have a big, hollow body, piezo pickups, and maybe high action, but you will be using a long, guitar-type neck and you’ll likely have to make a smaller body to compensate. Because of this neck too, it won’t really be transferable to a real upright.
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  3. mongo2


    Feb 17, 2008
    Da Shaw
    I've adapted several basses (fretted and fretless, long and short scale) to be used with a NS Design CR Tripod EUB stand.

    If a bass is a bolt on production model, I make a block of very hard maple that replaces or piggybacks the neck plate and longer screws. The block contains the recessed threaded insert to attach to the stand.

    If it's one of my DIYs, I may forego the maple block and recess the threaded insert directly into the body. For a couple of years I gigged with a DIY oval washtub four string on the NS stand.

    They still sound the about the same with the exception of right hand position, plucking technique and any mute I my use.

    For a more hollowbody tone I just use my Hofner Club, President, or Ibanez AFB200.
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  4. juancaminos

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    I have a real upright but it sets around the house as decor (next to the player piano) because it's a beast to lug around. Plus I would only use it for a few songs and there just isn't room for it on stage, etc, etc, etc. However I tried a Dean Pace (bottom of the line I'm sure) and really liked it. The two bases I mention just hang on my wall and I'm sure I couldn't get amything out of them on the market so I thought...

    Mongo2 I never imagined I could buy just the NS tripod. I'm on it!
  5. BassholeKI


    Feb 10, 2017
    No, but I built myself a washtub bass when I lived in Athens, Ohio.

    Old house 3 of us rented had a bunch of stuff in the basement from when it had been a single family house, and there was a thick old washtub there. Along with a Marantz tube receiver (cut power cord- only about 4-6 inches left, once I'd wired in a new one it only worked on one channel. Opened it up and turned out to be a loose wire) and a pair of Bose 901 series II with the equalizer. And a set of autumn gold glasses (guy who owned the house said they'd been a wedding present, and when the stereo stopped working he needed the cord to rewire a lamp. Didn't tell him it was a broken connection inside).

    Was hanging out with some townie blue grass players, and mentioned I wanted to build a washtub bass. Guy said I needed an old one since they were thicker steel. Told be to get a long hickory shovel handle (heavy and thick), put a nail through the rim from the inside and make a hole in the handle for it to fit into, an eye bolt, nut and washer, drill a hole in the middle and put the eye bolt there. Then to use woven cotton clothes line.

    To play it I have to stand on it and lean against the handle. More of a percussive instrument and not a lot of range (bit more than an octave) but it really lends itself to old time mountain music. Spoons, washboard, jug, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, we had quite the (we thought) authentic sound and show.
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