Hop, first post.

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  1. Replica


    Jul 28, 2005
    Paris - France
    Hello :)

    That's my first post on this forum, but i'm spying it since about 1 year already, especially when I need some info I can't find on my favourite french bass forums (onlybass, poppyto).

    btw, sorry if my english is sometimes... approximative :ninja:

    So my name is Henri-Alexis, i'm 23, bassplayer for about 6 years, and soon EUB player too, i hope. Ì'm a student ending his studies, and i'm a sort of "junior project manager" or "assistant of the project director" choose the one you prefer, at least that's the job i'm doing, on a Malian food export project, for sustainable development and fair trade.

    About the music i'm mostly jazz funk blues, and a bit of electro :)

    Thanks a lot ! :)