How low is your action on Fender P Bass?

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  1. Hi all, just curious on how low your action is on your Fender P bass or a bass that is similar. Fender recommends, measuring from the 17th fret, 7/64 for a vintage neck with a 7.25 radius, and 6/64 for a neck with a 9.25 radius.

    I have a Classic 50s P with the 7.25 radius and got my action down to just a hair over 4/64 (or a hair over 2 mm) for all strings. I play straight steady bass, no slap, with an average touch. I both play with my fingers and a pick and get no fret buzz. Neck relief is fairly straight as recommended by Fender.

    When I first set it up and went lower and lower, I was surprised I could get it that low without any buzz.

    I also have a Fender Road Worn 50s P and the lowest I can go on that bass is 6/64. Any lower and I get fret buzz on the A string at the 17th fret.

    So just curious how others have their's set up. IMG_7800.JPG
  2. 5/64ths on my 2015 MIM. I can set at 4/64ths however I prefer 5/64ths. 6/64ths still plays ok for me, too
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  3. Warpeg


    Jun 20, 2005
    6/64 on the E side, sloping down to 5/64 at the G.
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