How much for a Status series 2 second hand bass roughly?

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  1. Hi guys! I wonder if anyone here can offer some advice on this. I've got the opportunity to purchase a couple of Status basses and was wondering roughly what sort of price they usually fetch? Any advice would be greatly received! Please check out the photos for condition etc.

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  2. Knowing a little about this I'd say the 4 string could be around an 1985 and should go for over a $1000. The newer 5 string (S2?) should be somewhere around $3000. Not many in the states, these might be more common in Spain. The price can swing wildly as it's a small market. My guesses are rough, these people will know For all things Status-Graphite - Discussion Forum: Basses FOR SALE

    If you go for the 5 notice how close the strings are to the edge of the fretboard compared to the 4. It's too close for my comfort. I also haven't seen those tuners, they may not be stock.
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    I largely agree with trustrod. They aren’t easy to price as there are a limited number of customers. is your best bet.

    I have bought and sold many Status basses and currently own 3 S3’s and an Empathy.

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  4. Thanks so much for your reply! That's a big help! I'll check out the statii website for sure. I haven't played the basses yet so will be interesting to see how they feel, being used to a G&L Asat bass. Best wishes!
  5. Thanks Neil! Really appreciate your reply! I'll check the statii website and see where that takes me! Best wishes!