I figure I might as well introduce myself.

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  1. I have been a lurker for quite some time, and have enjoyed this site immensely, so I suppose that it is time for me to join.

    I have played an electric bass guitar for around a decade or so, but recently made the switch to an EUB to see how well I like it, and I am loving it.

    Although my musical tastes are rather varied, I have began to love bluegrass. Which is a good thing. I live in Northeast Tennesse and am approximately 80 miles from Asheville, NC or Gatlinburg, TN, so...

    I am glad to be here, and I hope you all are glad to have me.
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    Eastern NC USA

    You live in a beautiful area! We have a place in Banner Elk NC. I don't get there nearly as often as I would like.

    Glad you're here and out of the shadows.

    We're not gear snobs but we do love gear pics. Just sayin'. ;)
  3. Oh, I suppose I will have to take some pictures of my babies when there is some light.

    I had planned to go to Blowing Rock and Boone today, but the rain and the wind made me reconsider. That, and the fact that my hip said no to the time in the car.
  4. Yes welcome. There was some banjo in my early days. But, not much Blue Grass around here so switched over to 6 string rhythm guitar. That led to bass. It's now Praise and Country.

    My rhythm guitar is now on duty at the 5th grade where our Daughter teaches. There are two other 6 strings also on duty. Assorted sizes with nylon strings. When the kids finish their assignments they are welcome to move over to the guitar area... She teaches "Gate" (the advanced kids) and having something extra to keep them involved seems to work out well.

    Welcome. .