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SOLD Ibanez BTB 776PB 6 string Bass!! Mint!! Poplar Burl!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by inthebassclef, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. inthebassclef

    inthebassclef Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2012
    Up for sale is a Mint (looks new) Ibanez BTB 776pb 6 string bass. This features:
    • a Poplar Burl top over a mahogany body.
    • Bartolini Pickups and pre-amp.
    • Ibanez monorail bridge.
    • 5 piece neck through construction
    • Rosewood fingerboard with abalone dots
    • Pre-amp controls are: Vol/Blend/B/M/T and 2 way mid selector switch

    Still has the plastic on the pre-amp controls and shows little to no use.

    Asking $575 shipped via paypal. Local deals are welcome and can offer a cheaper price if picked up

    As far as trades just send me a PM and we can talk. I am open to some ideas as I need a 4 or 5 string in this price range. Also willing to do partial trades with cash to me.
    Thank you for looking, have a blessed day, and PM an questions or offers.

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    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
  2. HubbardsFate

    HubbardsFate Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2006
    Wow, that's a great price for one of these basses...drool

    I used to own a mid-2000s bolt-on BTB 6-string. To that day, that neck is one of the most comfortable I have ever played on. I sold that bass in mid-2011, but about 1.5 - 2 years ago, I walked into the local Long & McQuade and there was BTB Premium 6-string (neck-thru) hanging on the wall. I took it down and messed around on it for about two minutes, and realized they must have changed the neck profile, because I could not get comfortable with that bass at all...:(

    Anyways - if I weren't already top-heavy with solid-body dual-humbucker basses, I'd be tempted, OP. Been lusting for one of these for years. Alas, next up on my GAS list is an acoustic-electric, then something with a PJ pickup config, and possibly a fretless.

    Someone should snap this thing up. What a frickin' bargain...:cool::hyper:
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
  3. inthebassclef

    inthebassclef Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2012
    Thank you for the kind words. Yes I just am not a 6 player and bought this from a friend who is on hard times. So I am just trying pass along a good deal to someone who will appreciate it
  4. HubbardsFate

    HubbardsFate Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2006
    Got rid of 'er eh? I figured she wouldn't last long at that price...:smug:
  5. mtnken


    Oct 29, 2007

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