Ibanez EHB1005MS - Defective Truss Rod?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by entisgood, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. entisgood


    Mar 14, 2010
    Hi all,

    Two weeks ago, I got the EHB1005MS I had on preorder and I think the truss rod is defective? I reached out to the dealer where I bought it, and they told me there have been more issues with this model than you'd expect from Ibanez, I'm wondering if anyone has the same issues I'm having. I'm also going to share some thoughts about why I like the bass, some issues I would change.

    Out of the box, the action was very low and even, but there was too much buzzing around the nut for my liking. The bass came with a generic user manual that didn't have any info on adjusting the bridge or truss rod for this model.

    The truss rod was completely maxed out when i tried to turn the wrench from the B towards the G string. Ultimately, I turned the truss rod the opposite direction, and it had the effect I wanted. Why would a new instrument have a truss rod that is adjustable in one direction? This is a major deal breaker for me, this bass is under warranty, but I don't like the idea of a brand new bass that requires truss rod surgery, so it's getting returned. (I bought it from Music Store Live and so far they have been amazing to deal with).

    Other than the major truss rod defect, I generally really like this bass. It plays well, sounds good, is very light, and fits into a guitar gigbag. The sweepable mid range really gives the bass a lot of tonal options, I am able to dial in decent jazz bass, p bass, and stringray sounds. I was surprised that I like the sound of the bartolinis when the bass is running passive. Really nice and highly figured fretboard. As far as I've found, there are no comparable multi-scale basses at this price range with so many "premium" features - multiscale, roasted maple neck, lumilays, headless, etc.

    There are a few design flaws that I've noticed.
    1) The bass does not lay well when you play standing up with a strap and you can't really move the strap button to a better location because of the body carve to access the headless tuners makes the body very thin at the ideal strap button location, and just next to that, the input jack is in the way.
    2) When you are sitting the face dots are completely covered by the B string. they might as well not be there.
    3) Personally, I prefer a fatter/rounder neck.
    4) the ramp that comes with this bass does not fit snug between the pickups so some of the finish underneath shows. Also, I don't think it's possible to get the action on this bass low enough for the ramp to be effective for your right hand. the ramp is made from a piece of wood that is very thin. the top of the pickups are higher than the ramp, but still far from the strings.
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  2. taconeko


    Mar 13, 2020
    Tokyo, Japan
    Hi @entisgood

    I had a very similar experience with the truss rod on an Ibanez EHB1505MS that I had purchased as soon as it went on sale.

    Out of the box, the truss rod was completely maxed out and would not move. That was disappointing because like you, I was experiencing some buzzing and was not able to attain my preferred string height.

    I brought it back to the dealer and rather than return it, I opted to have them communicate with Ibanez. Ibanez let us know that a neck swap would be the only solution.

    After waiting about 4 or 5 months (likely as a result of COVID-19) the replacement neck arrived and was installed.

    While I was happy with the replacement, I could not shake the uncertainty I had with the bass overall. Given that it is about $1700, in the end, I sold the bass and purchased a domestic brand here for peace of mind.

    To a few of the other points you had made, I agree particularly with 2. 4 was not so bad since I had fairly thick double sided tape that brought the ramp height up to my liking.

    For what it is worth, I otherwise did like the EHB1505MS. The weight on my model was great and the tone was to my liking. The quality control though ultimately led me to go another route.
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  3. entisgood


    Mar 14, 2010

    thanks for the reply. sorry you had a similar issue. I agree, I like this bass, but now I feel uneasy about keeping it and getting it set up in the future. a brand new bass needing a replacement neck, or truss rod surgery out of the box, doesn't look so good for Ibanez or the factory in Indonesia.
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