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    20210520_155037.jpg Bass project.$375.
    This bass is not all original. For parts or not working (sort of). Semi-working condition. It could (should) be restored to its original glory. If you're familiar with this bass then you know what I mean. The pickups look original and it includes the original 4 knobs. I plugged in the bass, tapped on the pickups and got sound out of it. So it seems to be working, but I've never played it. The electronics were changed, it has a stacked knob and a push pull pot. 20210518_140908.jpg 20210518_140916.jpg 20210518_140920.jpg 20210518_140938.jpg 20210518_140956.jpg 20210518_140947.jpg 20210518_140928.jpg 20210518_140956.jpg I know the original ones didn't come that way. And the electronics cover looks like a replacement. The nut is missing. That being said, it's still a rare and sought after bass which appears structurally solid. Please look carefully at the pictures and ask any questions you might have.

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    Can you post a picture of the electronics? IIRC the original control layout was Volume, Balance, treble, bass. I'd like to know what that concentric pot is?
  3. Yes, here it is. The push pull is the one closest to the j pickup.

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