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No longer available Ibanez SRSC805 Single Cut *PRICE DROP*

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by The Basstard, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. The Basstard

    The Basstard Puttin' the "ass" in "Basstard". Supporting Member

    British Columbia
    20180203_161004. 20180203_161025. 20180203_161044. 20180203_161140. 20180203_161241. 20170423_003016.

    Excellent condition Ibanez SRSC805 single cut 5 string bass. There are a few small surface scratches, nothing major. Comes with case.

    $595.00 USD Plus $50 Shipping.

    I live in Canada about 2 miles from the WA State border so I can take the bass across the line and ship from within the US.

    Ibanez blurb:
    From the innovative Ibanez Bass Workshop team, comes the SRSC805 "Cerro." Boasting a design that integrates body to neck like no other, the upper bout connects the body to the neck all the way to the 13th fret. More compact than other basses of its type, the five-string SRSC805 requires less effort to maneuver, yet still provides the unique features and tone of larger models.

    At the heart of the SRSC805 is a Mahogany body with a handsome Poplar Burl top shaped with the sinuous contours of the SR body style. A Neck-Through SR5 5-piece Maple/Purpleheart neck with a Purpleheart fretboard provides a smooth, fast playing surface. The slightly smaller extended upper horn of the SRSC805 makes contact with the neck from the 24th to the 13th fret, providing maximum stability and increased sustain. The back of the neck is sculpted for comfort and easy access to the very highest notes of the G string. The smooth, graceful contour allows the palm of the left hand to move quickly and easily as it transitions up the neck, into the underside of the instruments body. The Mono-Rail V bridge delivers the ultimate in string-to-string isolation, allowing each string to vibrate independently with less interference from sympathetic vibration.

    The full, clear tone of Bartolini MK-1 pickups provides a tight bottom end with a mid-range that is articulate without being harsh. The Ibanez Custom 3-band EQ w/ bypass switch & mid-freq switch puts a full range of tone at the players fingertips.

    - 5-piece Maple/Purpleheart neck-through
    - Mahogany wing body
    - Purpleheart fretboard
    - Bartolini MK-1
    - Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band eq w/Eq bypass switch & Mid frequency switch
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  2. fritzk9

    fritzk9 Supporting Member

    May 11, 2005
    Indianapolis, IN
    Nice! What's she weigh?
  3. The Basstard

    The Basstard Puttin' the "ass" in "Basstard". Supporting Member

    4 kg or a little under 9 lbs. on the ol' pocket fishing scale.

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