Identify this Jazz Bass Pls

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  1. The Fender SKU is 25-0752-509. The list is just over $1000 cdn and looks identical to the 70's Hot Rod Jazz I pictured here, and I believe it is made in Japan.[​IMG]However the SKU for this bass is 19-2800-809

    Help me please. If I can get pretty much the same bass for 1/2 the price I feel obligated to myself and GAS to do so while I can!
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  4. The ones from japan had a bullet truss rod at the headstock, low mass bridge, and 60s spaced bridge PU IIRC, the one in the picture doesn't. If it is one of the Japanese ones though, the avg price here in the states is about 950-1050$.
  5. Well the price is right. BTW the one in the pic is the Hot Rod, not the one I am asking about