Importance of detuning before adjusting intonation?

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  1. HELP! Can someone please reassure me? I've just sorted out the action and intonation on my 5 string bass.. and only when I finished did I remember reading that it's important to detune before adjusting the intonation?
    What's the worst that could happen??? Could I have screwed something up? :help:
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    I think the only reason why you would have to detune is if the saddle couldnt move forward or backward due to the tension of the string when its tuned to pitch. If the saddle moves then there's no need to detune. Dont worry, I dont think you could have possibly screwed anything up.
  3. Thank god for that.. lol. There was no problem adjusting it so I guess I must've been lucky.. lol.
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    nah, it'll be fine sweetheart.... just checked out your band.... good stuff!!:bassist:
  5. lol thanks.. I know the myspace is a bit.... uh... bare.. but we're hoping to record something this sunday to put on there :D Home recording job though.. should be interesting.. :p Looking forward to putting my new 5 string through it's pace at practice on sunday :D
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    hehe, nah, its all good fun eh?! like the pics you have up, and you aint far from us! check us out at .. maybe one day we could share the stage? ya never know, if ya free, come to the actress and bishop in brum on thursday! bwe a good night hehe (apologies for going off topic, too many vodka and cokes ;-):hyper:
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    I detune the string before I adjust because it makes the saddle easier to move

    however, always make sure the string is tuned to pitch before checking intonation, otherwise you're defeating the purpose of adjusting in the first place
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    it's probably ok, but don't make it a habit like i did,
    it strips the truss rod

    mine is slightly stripped and has limited range as a result, if i still did it i'd probably be up for a new rod, plus extraction of the old one= not cheap
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    Jul 4, 2005
    I don't see how.. if you're only detuning one string at a time and you're only detuning it enough to move the saddle?
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    I don't detune before adjusting, unless it's on a hollowbody with a floating bridge that I'll need to physically move. I don't see how that could possibly affect a truss rod.