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  1. Vampyre


    Dec 9, 2004
    Lately ive been very interested in learning to come up with good improv solos. i listen to a lot of jazz..lately a lot of patitucci and i want to learn some of the things you need to know to solo like he does. i know some theory (scales and i am starting to have an idea of the modes) but i want to know what more there is to it. I often listen to music and try to come up with my own little solos but often times it sounds a any suggestions? m or perhaps lessons on the net to help furthur my knowledge?
  2. i posted something about this. its not on improvising while soloing but playing in general, pretty much what comes with a great soloist is great ears. listen and phrase your solo. credit for this advice goes to lemur821, he said to be eloquent with the "words" you know now
  3. Hey, he sounds like a pretty smart guy! :p

    Theory is nice to know, because you can use it to get an idea of where you're going and plan out a structure for your solo. Most of us can't visualize (auralize?) and remember a solo and its harmonic accompaniment just by thinking of pitches in our heads. Theory will let you describe things in words so you don't have to try that. Using theory won't make a good solo though. Theory can move a solo from bad to merely dull, and from good to great, but not all the way from bad to good. Only practice soloing will do that. You're doing the right thing, but you need to do more of it. Learn theory, but don't neglect just playing what you want to hear.