Impulse buy! 28” baritone neck, tuning and string questions

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  1. WillyW

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    Dec 10, 2019
    On a whim I bought a 28” baritone conversion neck.

    having never researched or intending to buy one previously I have a few questions about tuning and strings.

    I’ll be putting the neck on an old project body with a bigsby. So a string set for a 30” scale may Work.

    I would prefer to tune to sub-octave like a bass vi.

    What string set should I be looking at?

    I would like the low string to not be larger than .090

    23646CD4-B4C3-48F8-9247-1754CC94696A.jpeg D64E246D-83EC-4B86-A3C8-8BC92336A0A1.jpeg