Incompatibility Between Pro Tools and Some CPUs Listed by AVID as Compatible

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    Hey guys, sorry for the huge post, there's no other way to deal with it.

    I’m a Logic user but I bought a Pro Tools perpetual license to keep me up to date, most studios I work use Pro Tools. Sometimes I do something with it in my homestudio. I bought a new Mac with this specs.

    iMac 2019 - Retina 4K - OS 11.4 Big Sur - 3,2 GHz Core i7 6 Cores - 16GB 2667MHz DDR4 - Radeon Pro 560X 4GB - SSD 500GB - 3 External SSDs Samsung t7. Pro Tools version 2021.6 and now 2021.7.

    My plugins and VSTs are from well-known brands and developers, all legal and paid. Pro Tools was installed on it in Feb 2021 and since then all I have are crashes. Power spikes and consequent CPU overload. It happens in light or heavy sessions, with many VSTs and plugins or none at all! It's random, intermittent. There are many reports on the internet regarding this bug. It only happens on some CPUs. AVID obviously doesn't pay the slightest attention to these cases, always claiming the "mantra" of incompatibility between third-party plugins. See a case with a test session with 4 tracks, 4 pianos, and 4 plugins.

    I got an engineer from the company that sold me the package to solve the case, of course, he didn't solve anything and said it was incompatibility between plugins... But he recommended a new update, version 2021.7, he said that this version points out which one plugin or VST is crashing so I could uninstall its.

    AVID uses error AAE-6101, which refers to buffering, when CPU overload occurs. What I did was force an error on a session with only 1 piano and 1 plugin using settings that my machine doesn't support (96/24 buffer 64), to see if the warning appeared. And it appeared, ie when CPU olverload happens, a completely different window appears and a completely different error from AAE-6101. This proves that they are different problems and there is even an incompatibility between Pro Tools and some CPUs listed by AVID as compatible.

    Right after this crash caused, and with the normal settings (48/24 buffer 512) I use returned, with Pro Tools stopped, not playing anything, I noticed in the activity monitor, below, in the small window that graphically monitors the CPU load, some strange peaks. I managed to capture one. You can see each core's load, in blue, absurd loads, you can see that Pro Tools was in STOP, and you can see that the CPU usage has reached a staggering 780%!!!

    This is the case, sorry for the huge post, I'm trying to get a refund, I doubt I'll get it, I don't know if I try AVID support, we know it's inoperative, anyway, there are certainly many guys here who know these systems much more than me. What I narrated is the most I can understand. I did all the procedures that Avid indicates, nothing worked, my hope is someone can help me.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I feel your pain. I wish I could offer some help. I know nothing about Macs...
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  3. Quite surprised that PT on a Mac doesn’t work correctly. A recent Mac like yours should handle a lot more than that.

    Did you tried other plugins? Maybe VST incompatibility with PT.

    I see you are using a Behringer AI. They are ok for basic tasks but I would try another audio interface like Focusrite or even RME. I would guess that your interface could be the weak point.

    Can you borrow another interface from a friend or a family member?

    It looks the UMC1828 uses a class compliant driver, not bad per se but maybe the hardware or firmware is not up to the task?