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  1. nhaze


    Mar 4, 2014
    Baltimore, MD
    Hi TBers,

    I've been coming to TB to read advice and opinions for a while. Decided to create an account in case I have anything specific to ask or add.

    I've been playing for about 10 years but really only as a hobby besides highschool where I played Double in the orchestra. I just was asked to join my first band, a metalcore 5 piece, and while the music isn't particularly technical, I'm looking forward to playing more, and more regularly.

    Thanks and see y'all out there!
  2. MalcolmAmos

    MalcolmAmos Supporting Member

    I never was a Country fan until I started playing in a Country band. Now I am a fan.

    Metalcore may be the same for you. Sometime we play what is available.