SOLD iRig HD 1, Bass/Guitar to iPhone, iPad or Apple PC interface

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    View attachment 3321823 View attachment 3321824 iRig HD 1 is a simple digital interface used to plug, your bass or guitar into your Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, Desktop or Laptop to record or to just play. Download and install the free IK Media Amplitude or GarageBand to your computer or IOS device. The software and apps are free and if you want to use them, there are a plethora of simulated pedals, effects, amps and cabinets that you can download for a few dollars each. The iRig HD also works well with the Apple Garageband recording software. Personally, I prefer Garageband and I thinks it's great for recording and Amplitude has a lot of effects you can download and experiment with. The good thing is that you have options. The iRig HD model has 24 bit/96k audio resolution.

    If you have one of the very latest iPhone models or use bluetooth earbuds/headphones then you may want to consider going with the newer HD2 iRig devices. Otherwise, you might experience latency (an annoying delay over bluetooth headphones). But if your headphones have a conventional plug that allows you to plug in directly then you won't have the bluetooth legacy issue.

    $50 includes FedEx shipping and no PayPal fee. In very good condition and includes the original box, manual, registration card and the 3 apple type connectors it came with.

    Product description from iK Media - "The iRig HD picks up where the iRig leaves off by adding superior digital audio quality to an already powerful accessory. No matter where you are, iRig HD delivers delivers pure high-quality digital input signal. It features a 24-bit A/D ultra-transparent converter that accurately preserves the nuances of your instrument. This means you can rock out on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, or Mac laptop or desktop computer, with studio quality sound. iRig HD features a standard 1/4" Hi-Z instrument input jack, and connects to your iOS device with the included Lightning cable. The beauty of the iRig HD is that it works everywhere you do. It also comes with a handy USB cable and is class compliant, so you can plug right in to your laptop or desktop Mac computer and keep jamming. Start a project on your iPad, finish it on your Mac with the same great tone.".
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    If you sell more items, please remember that you cannot request no-fee paypal payments.
  5. You may have misunderstood my intent with that part of my ad. I wasn't requesting a no-fee PayPal transaction nor was that my intent with my "no PayPal fee" comment. I do not add the 3% fee to my price. In addition, I usually include the term "free shipping" just to simplify things. In other words, I'm just saying that my price includes the 3% PayPal fee and the shipping costs (both of which I pay as the seller). That way, my buyer doesn't have to worry about any additional costs being added on top of what I advertised.

    I'm well aware that it's a violation of PayPal policy for a seller to request the buyer to use the “Send Money to Friends and Family” option when selling an item.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be more careful how I word it next time.
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    I did misread it then. All good, thanks!
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  7. No problem. You mods are doing a fine job with this forum.
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