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  1. Steve LaMantia

    Steve LaMantia

    Jun 12, 2019
    Hey TB! After years of debate, I’ve decided it’s finally time to play again... or at least attempt it, lol. I was young and at a time in my life where I decided to put my focus into my career and not let inner band quarrels regarding the future of the band affect life-long friendships. Not a day has gone by remembering all of the great times of my later teenage and early adult band years (16-23). Playing out at packed local bars and clubs full of your closest friends and followers, then later progressing into “getting in” with the radio station and being given a taste of playing larger venues, opening for some well-known bands. While I do miss those good old days when the scene was still great, I really just miss playing and connecting with people through music.

    My old rock band is still together to this day and doing well, but it’s not like it used to be. This past weekend created an opportunity that didn’t take more than a single thought to agree to.

    I carved my own path and success in my career and it has opened a bunch of doors for me... I’m a tattoo artist. A few months ago, the drummer for one of my favorite and very well known Reggae(“white boy reggae” as some call it) bands literally showed up at my shop and wanted work by me. We linked up at Reggae Rise Up where I started his tattoo in his hotel room before their set. Lol, so disgusting, but an awesome rockstar story for the memory books! All-access passes, the whole 9 yards! This past weekend they were back in the state on tour and met up with them again for another session. Same treatment as last time, however I brought my best friend; my best man; my old singer. At the end of the night, after all of the concerts him and I have ever been to and played, he thanked me and commented how it was the best concert experience he’s ever had. This was his very first reggae experience and was absolutely blown away. This coming from a guy who’s opened for Sevendust, Mudvayne, Nonpoint, and Staind just to name a few.

    To finish up a long story, lol, during his excitement, I mentioned that if I were to ever pick up a bass again, it would be to play reggae. I’m in love with the bass lines and distinctive tones. The following day, he asked if I would start a reggae side project with him. I happily accepted! I’m now on the hunt for gear!

    Thanks to those who read my story! Sorry, I’m excited to see where this goes!
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    Jan 17, 2014
    Dublin, Ireland.
    I really hope this works out for you.
    There's so many false starts in this business it can be really discouraging.
    Looking forward to reading the progress reports!
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    Good luck and welcome back on the forum.