SOLD Jack Bruce Warwick Fretless Thumb - Limited

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    This is in absolutely mint condition. Number 47 of about 107 made in the world. Half were fretted. This is such a beautiful sounding bass, one piece ebony fret board and LED side fret markers.
    Neck thru thumb bass design, hand selected AAA bubinga pommele' body and neck, etched mother of pearl signature, ebony fretboard, LED position markers along the side of the neck, two active MEC jazz pickups, active three way MEC electronics, black hardware, with gigbag. Two sets of black strings. I am the third owner, the previous two where collectors. The bass is virtually new.
    I would trade for a Sadowsky NYC 4 string, nothing else please.

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  2. That pic is of a fretted one, the title says is yours fretless or fretted?
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    It's confusing you know....
  4. Bump for a Killer Bass. The bass is fretless.
    I was the second owner of #47, it shows very little, if any, wear.
    Great Bass, Great Guy to deal with.
    Bob Growler
  5. Neuroman

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    Oct 17, 2013
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    This is a very sweet playing and sounding bass. My first fretless was number 32. Smooth and buttery with a ton of growl and mwah for days. It made me a Warwick fan and I kept buying fretted thumbs and then corvettes and even Dolphins but they were not the same. Warwick got these Jack Bruce Signature thumbs done right. I only just sold her because I moved to 5's and 6's and she sat in her case unplayed for about 15+ years. If this bass is anything like my ax then someone is going to really dig this bass.