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  1. I found this vid on YouTube of Jefferson Airplane in 1967 performing live on the Smother's Brothers Show. Jack Cassady has a stuffed animal lying across the neck at about the 12th fret. Anyone know what the deal is? Wouldn't that mute the strings? Is it some weird-ass 60's thing?

    Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit- - YouTube
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    Well, they aren't playing live...They're playing to the original track. Which is probably why he has it there. It's a subtle protest.

    Compare that to Iron Maiden playing Wasted Years on P.I.T. in Germany.

    Iron Maiden - Wasted Years [P.I.T. (German TV Show), 1986] - YouTube

    That's how you protest lip syncing. :D
  3. Now thats just to cool.
  4. Fantastic Maiden video! I laughed my ass off! Now it's perfectly clear... Protest is good!!! But one question. Why do the gig if they know it will be lip synced? Is it a record company mandate?...Contractually obligated to appear on TV?
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    I recall Phil do something similar once, playing a broom "live" on TV.