Jackson-backer: I'm Impressed! (quick demo video)

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    I noticed one of these in a local GC today and just had to give it a try. Forgive the crappy cell phone video and the horrid panned right sound, but I think all in all it does a decent enough job of demoing the tone. I was curious when I saw these if the pickup placement alone would be enough to give this bass a ball park Rick-like sound. IMO, I think it does quite convincingly. I feel like it's 70 - 75% there on it's own, but when you open up the treble and mids on the preamp it really gets even closer to that benchmark.

    It's not 100% there, but I think that was by design, it actually sounds a tad more focused and the preamp allows you to dial it back to a rounder more centered tone. I also love the fact it doesn't have a gibson style pickup selector + v/t v/t setup. I'm also more a fan of the p/j body shape and the neck felt great, so all in all, I'd definitely be down to get one of these, maybe wait for a used market to develop, but a very cool bass IMO, and for $650 new, it's a very affordable way to get extremely close to "that" sound without spending 2k and up.

    I had a 4003 for a time and it was a great bass, but if your like me and the 4003 is not your everyday tone but you'd still like to have access to something similar from time to time, I'd recommend these wholeheartedly. Still wish it had a different head stock though. LOL.

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    Nov 6, 2018
    This bass has more hi-bass / 200hz sound and more low mid/ 400hz sound . Thanks for the demo.
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